Saturday, 31 May 2008

Mass Murderer

My daughter 'Fairytale Princess' was out at a swimming lesson taken by her father 'Daddy Prince'. My son 'Stand-in Prince' was asleep in his cot.

I saw that someone had phoned my mobile and it had come up as a missed call.

It was a mobile number.

Normally I don't bother to return these calls as I think that the potential for these calling back these numbers is a minefield leading to disaster and desecration.

I dialled the number gingerly.
"This is Hadriana speaking...did you call my number earlier on?"
"Yes" a deep male voice answered.
"Can you give me some more information?" I asked thinking...Oh my God I really AM speaking to a mass murderer...What have I done!!
"Yes. I can." the deep male voice which point the penny dropped and I realised I was talking to Daddy Prince and I felt a complete and utter twiglet. (It was his new mobile number and he had actually stood in the kitchen and had rang my mobile right before my very eyes about an hour ago. I had even heard it ring upstairs.)

My daughter often calls me "Bananabrains". Spot on. Give that girl a medal.


Expatmum said...

After five years with my phone, I am still getting strange calls meant for the previous owner of the number. The other day I said the caller had the wrong number, wo which she replied "No, YOU have the wrong number". To say I was confused is putting it mildly!

Hadriana said...

Hi expatmum...makes you wonder who lived there before you? Perhaps someone who taught assertiveness techniques? Sounds about right!