Sunday, 18 May 2008

Thyroids and Northumberland don't mix

I'd always assumed that I had a thyroid problem...although not wanting to get out of bed, feeling hungry most of the time, feeling cold ALL of the time were ever present symptoms in my school days. It has to be said that all reluctant scholars say these things and are/were ignored. My North Eastern school was a Gothic mansion on the outskirts of Newcastle. Time was when all "alumni" boy students (or rather "alumnae" girl students) were habitually ignored and castigated for having mentioned any of these putative signs of wear and tear. These days any school ignores the sickly pleas of their pupils at their peril. We now have to sign forms when sun tan lotions are administered to the little tykes.

But I digress. I sit here sneezing all over the computer complaining about feeling cold in the middle of almost Summer. I am wearing three layers and have turned the LPG heating UP! My underactive thyroid was diagnosed after the birth of my second child ( a boy). I take the medecine daily and I still feel underactive and underwarmed on a diurnal basis. Asi es la vida - dura sin confitura. ("That's life...tough without jam!" Corny but lovely Spanish modern proverb.)

There are benefits to a small, double glazed house (our last house) because it is usually toasty hot. I turned the heating up to tropical levels whilst my husband wandered around in T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops wanting the windows perpetually open. I say this is because he is from good Surrey stock whereas I am descended from sturdy Viking chaps...this is where I lack the knowledge of a Norse hunting cry. I resort to the cliche: "vive la difference!" (Rough translation: Thank goodness we're different!)

(Will have to stop writing this - whilst children are here - beloved four year old teenage daughter has just ground the salt and pepper into huge mound in middle of dining room table...)

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