Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Reproduced with massive compliments to "Peanuts" creator, Schulz.

Bleurgh! Feeling like the great crabby unwashed (probably because I am), am crabby sleepless, with crabby, ill children clinging to every crabby old limb, crabby jobs piling up, crabby accounts piling up...Bleurgh! That word sums it up for crabby ol'me...

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Only the waitress was suspicious...of the blushing blonde in the corner....

Right then. Where do I start? How do four complete strangers end up meeting in an pub for an evening's chinwag? How did I feel about it all? I got there at 7.20pm and without looking around at all...I rushed straight into the ladies' loo to calm down. "Oh bother! I've not got a newspaper to hide behind, whilst I am waiting," was my immediate thought. Anyway when I felt braver I peered round the door and had a look around. Everyone in the posh pub seemed to know one another. All seemed calm and everybody was having a good night out. Nobody seemed to notice there was a lunatic in their midst. I ordered my cappuccino, set up my stall (so to speak) at the front of the pub to keep a look out for other blogging lookalikes ("What on earth DO bloggers look like?"I quietly panicked)...and told myself :"Deep breaths, take deep breaths darling, think cool, calm, collected!" ....whilst still blushing to the tips of my (not so) natural blonde roots. ("HELP!") Anyway, they, expatmum, Mutterings and Meanderings and Mutterings from the Mill , turned up! "Hurrah! I'm not going to sit on my own all night looking like a lemon."

We chatted all evening and found we had quite a few things in common. We put the world to rights and more besides. I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to prolong the Cinderella/werewolf bewitching hour and leave AFTER it turned dark! The 100 mile round trip was definitely worth it...even though I knew that I would have a lot of explaining to do, in years to come, to my children... (damn! Frog in the Field has stolen that line already)... "Why can Mummy meet strangers off the internet when we can't?" "Because these people are the nice ones, m'dears, and mummy just knows these things." (Does she heck?!!) But, hey, we got away with it and a good time was had by all...

My Diver (Hubbie), on my return, wanted to know what we'd talked about. "Well, just about everything" I replied. I told him their names. And he got confused poor love. "Why do they all have CB radio handles?" he asked, "Which one is Rubber Duck?" "Which one was sitting on that bale of hay in that photo in the Telegraph?" "She wasn't there, my sweet." I replied. "Can we discuss your fantasies later?"

Monday, 21 July 2008

End of Term Awards

"Arte (Art) y Pico" (I think the "pico" refers to the spiky thing she is standing on...my Spanish dictionary also defines "pico" as peak, bill, spout, pickaxe/icepick, woodpecker, and a bit, mouth/gob, "fix". So take your pick....)

...after feeling a tad depressed of late...I feel like a sprightly, bouncing lamb once again. Therefore I would like to award the "Arte y Pico" and "just plain fun to read" awards to the following bloggers who have put a spring in my step again:
"Just plain fun to read" goes to:
1. expatmum (who's on holiday)
2. Rural Villager (who's not on holiday)
3. Potty Mummy (who's not on holiday)
4. Strife in the North (who is maybe on holiday or "resting")
5. Sandi McBride (who is not on holiday)
and the very elegant " Arte y Pico" award to:
1. Very Lost in France! (who's on holiday)
2. Family Affairs (on holiday at the moment...)
3. Rosiero (who's not on holiday)
4. @the mill (who's retired from blogging)
5. Mutterings and Meanderings (who's retired from blogging)
And can the last one out switch the lights off please? (I feel better now...I'm not keeping those gorgeous awards to myself. My conscience is clean...well..dirty grey anyway.......) P.S : Do the boys get any awards? Special mentions and the "Knockout Read" award go to: Arthur Clewley's Diaries, Yorkshire Pudding, Stay at Home Dad.
Thank you to one and all.....

Thursday, 10 July 2008

'Twas lovely whilst it lasted

The day, itself, was absolutely brilliant. We all had a wonderful time. We did not argue, we did not bicker. Everybody had on their best togs and both sides of the families rubbed along very nicely together. The bride looked extremely happy and so did the groom. (Welcome to "The Firm" as they say over here...) The wedding venue or "Rooms with a View" played a dashing protagonist. The sun shone but thankfully not too much as it did so a day later! (Or we would have all passed out from the fierce rays.) No fisticuffs. No nothing. So sorry to disappoint...
Mr. Morose was positively beaming in his Tony Soprano-like linen suit. Austen, in very fashionable sunglasses, looked as pretty as a picture. Littlest Sister cried and sobbed throughout the ceremony conducted by the local Mombaruzzo lady mayor.
All our friends were there. The speeches came BEFORE the meal. We ate titbits, drank champagne and wine galore. The traditional Piedmont multi course meal then followed. Our children amazed us and everyone else with phenomenally good behaviour all day and Princess dazzled us all in her starring role as bridesmaid or "damigella" as the Italians say...we stayed until the dancing started. We were tired but the children weren't....ain't that a sign of the times?