Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hello there! Long Time No Blog!

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Why no blog for soooooo long?

Well...what happened was...we were incredibly busy getting the B&B up and running for this year. Then I was very involved in the background of Barbara Bell's splendid 'Minimus' talk at The Hexham Book Festival and gave a tour of Vindolanda later that day which all went splendidly well BTW.

I attended a Primary Project Latin Committee meeting down in Bristol shortly after...then just as I was flying back....I heard the news that my dearly beloved grandfather had died.

Yep. 97 years old...not been near a doctor for two years...hung up his boots and was gone in his sleep.

Still can hardly write about it now. Have wanted to blog about him and sing his achievements from the rooftops but cannot manage that quite yet.

Grief? I thought I knew what grief was until mid May 2013.

I have been tweeting away @hadrianasblog and @handsonlatin My Facebook Page handsonlatin has been active too if you fancy having a look.

I am slowly getting back into this blogging malarkey bit by bit. Hope you have all been well and I am truly intending to blog again properly soon.

I am feeling much more like my old self and raring to go for 2014!!!!

valete! Bye for now! Catherine/Hadriana xx xx