Friday 1 August 2008

Desert Island Drive #3

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This is the entrance to Lanercost Priory.

Again another view of the front of the Priory.

This is taken from the churchyard. The tombstone, in the foreground of the shot, is made from red sandstone which is a distinctive feature of houses in this part of Cumbria. Whilst at the Priory I was informed that it is unfortunate that many of the tombstones were made from the sandstone as it wears away (in the rain!) more quickly than most...

The tranquility of the Priory is unbelievable. It still bestows a great sense of peace.

This is a wooden bench located just outside the village, past the cricket ground and the school, beside the road. It is festooned with carvings of dragonflies, flowers, birds, ladybirds, fish, butterflies, rabbits, snails and snakes. It is a gorgeous, practical object.

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