Hadriana's Hands-on-Latin Courses on Hadrian's Wall

Learn a little or a lot of Latin on Hadrian’s Wall

Latin Learning is fun!

There is now a unique opportunity to learn Latin in a fun and hands-on way whilst looking around the Roman forts, fortifications and villages where it was spoken and written.
Based in the Heart of Hadrian’s Wall Country, Catherine Jarvis is offering a variety of short courses and tours involving Hadrian’s Wall, its forts and its people together with their history and languages. Catherine, an experienced linguist and guide, will be using her extensive knowledge of Roman History to introduce and teach Latin.  The intention is that these two to five day courses will be tailored to suit each group’s interest and requirements.  There will mini courses through to complete courses and tours to suit all levels of interest and understanding. These courses coincide with the wonderful re-opening of Vindolanda and the return of some of its most special artefacts ~ the Vindolanda Tablets.

“It is our intention to offer really interesting courses combining some “round the table” learning Latin with tours around Vindolanda and the other sites along the Wall” explains Catherine, a qualified guide and a registered Minimus teacher. “The fabulous archaeology and history around here bring an ancient language back to life. Our courses will be both fun and informative”. Each group will be able to choose the balance of how much language training and how much guiding they would like. There will also be themed courses built around several aspects of Roman life and culture, including cookery, religion, pottery and warfare.

The language training will involve books, multimedia and interactive studies; the tours will involve muddy boots and Roman remains set in some of this country’s most spectacular scenery, around the World Heritage Site of Hadrian’s Wall. There will also be opportunities to visit other less well known sites in the area.

The taster and beginner courses will be based upon The Minimus Mouse Course, a mix of myths and stories involving a real family which lived at Vindolanda during the height of the Roman occupation.  The story includes actual Vindolanda tablets received, written and read by the family.

“A wonderful starter's course …. for children of all ages 5 to 105, or maybe older!” 

More advanced courses will use “Minimus Secundus” and the Cambridge Latin Course (books I, II, and III) and can be run for up to five days.

The courses will be based at the Four Wynds Guest House, on the Hadrian’s Wall Trail. The Guest House is run by Catherine’s husband, Nigel.

Further information please contact:

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