Friday 1 August 2008

Desert Island Drive #1

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I drive this "drive" quite often and it always fills me with great joy. This is why I have called it "My Desert Island Drive". (Blogger only lets me upload a certain amount of photos in one post so these posts all represent the entire drive.)

It follows the "Military Road" (B6318) and this particular bit is from Brampton to Birdoswald. Needless to say the views of the countryside combined with the winding country lanes lined with cottages and farmhouses just leave me lost for words every time I drive it. I hope these pictures go some way to convey their beauty.

The view of Lanercost Priory from just above Lanercost. As the road winds it way down from Brampton to Lanercost you see the Priory just over the drystone wall from the road.

On the way down to the village I drive under a canopy of dense foliage which fills me with childlike wonder. On my left hand side I see Lanercost Bridge (which strangely reminds me of an old Roman Bridge in Cangas de Onis, Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain...although this bridge in Cumbria is not Roman).

I was quite taken with this old sign at the Western end of the bridge. The road has its own bridge to take the strain from the old one built in 1724 for £493 by four local masons: Isaac Monkhouse, William Railton, Philip and Joseph Simpson (there were older bridges on this site which got swept away by ancient floods).

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