Friday 1 August 2008

Desert Island Drive #4

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Further up the road, once I have travelled through the splendid village of Banks, I find myself at Banks East Turret 52A - part of Hadrian's Wall. It has a little car parking area where people often stop just to take in the views (perhaps whilst eating a sandwich)...

This is view of Hadrian's Wall looking West towards Banks. (I think it gives the viewer a sense of how wide the Wall was.) As I drive through Banks I notice the house which intrigues me (I will not say which). It always reminds me of "The Secret Garden". There is also another house with a barn with an archway built into it. It is incredibly charming. Further up the hill, on the left hand side going eastwards towards Birdoswald, there is a farmhouse with a deep blue front door. Beside it are some stables. All the stable doors (there are plenty of them) are painted red. Seeing the contrast always makes me smile.

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Sandi McBride said...

I've been watching your tours, the pictures are nice and I do enjoy these chairside excursions!