Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Hello again! Salvete!

Just a quick update. The B&B had a terrific Summer and we had loads of lovely guests (walkers, cyclists and families) from all walks of life (literally) and from all over the world e.g. Hawaii, California, Australia and so on.

The image above is taken from a stone at Great Chesters (Aesica). I liked the "H" symbol...if that is what it is....? I know I have promised some posts so will get onto those as soon as I can. There a lot of blogs which I need to get out and visit to say "hi". (Am feeling much better - the steroids seem to be doing their work. I can even drive again...hurrah!)

The bank have been extremely patient and we are in the final stages of handing over our business plan to them.

Before I rush off...I would like to mention a couple of things...

If you have a copy of this week's "Radio Times" (26 Sept-2 Oct)...have a look at page 26. Stuart Maconie and Mark Radcliffe (Radio 2 DJs) have just walked Hadrian's Wall. Stuart writes about it in the article: "Let's break this addiction to London - it's time radio was proud to head for the hills" eyes popped out when I saw a photo of the sign for our local town "Welcome to Haltwhistle - Centre of Britain". (Only slight niggle..Stuart...we classify it as a town rather than a village...but completely concur with the content of your article!) It is not on the internet. I'm hoping to write to Stuart to see if it can be re-produced here. I've mentioned their walk under the "Latest Roman News" sidebar.

Mr.H. also had one walker stay with him. The walker absolutely loved his stay and walk along the Wall. He had but one slight hiccup...after a long day's walk he came upon a hut (there are several along the Wall). These huts are usually privately owned and are stocked with tea, coffee, snacks and an honesty box.

It had been a wind blown, rainy day and he couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the hut. "It was like finding a Starbucks at the top of Mount Everest."

He carefully filled the kettle with water, got his mug, milk and tea bag at the ready. He was absolutely desperate for his cuppa. It was 50% of the way to being boiled when......

....the power failed.

The walker declared that he was tempted to use the lukewarm water with the tea bag and suck it keen was he for his longed-for brew!

He did wonder whether somebody had a very black sense of humour.....

Overall he had a super time and found everyone to be very friendly. Just not necessarily..the power supplier to the "honesty box" hut!