Friday, 28 May 2010

All mapped out and nowhere to go


Where have I been? Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself that (several times a day).

We are absolutely booked solid at the B&B ... which is excellent so I have been helping out there. (Hence my household pics from the Museum of London Roman collection - sorry that they are bit blurry.) I was thinking about doing a Blue Badge Course to become a Guide in Cumbria but I chickened out just before the interview stage. I was called and in many ways I was raring to go but I decided that with the B&B being so was going to be just too much. We also have another project in the pipeline. More of which later.

In the meantime I have also been writing some book reviews for the history website "Heritage Key". Here are the links:

One on Hunter Davies' fab book of Hadrian's Wall. (Really did like this book big time.)

Another photography/history book of The Wall by Derry Brabbs.

There is also another book review on Roman Roads in Britain by Dr. Hugh Davies which is due to go live soon. When I get the link I will insert it here (hence the photo of Roman roads at the top). Here is the link to that review:
Click HERE.

The weather up here has been variable. Like the rest of the UK we baked last weekend and now we've gone back to sun/wind/rain/rain-hailstones-cold-wind (that last bit was yesterday). Sheesh. It's probably because I bought myself a new summer dress and shorts in the shops in Newcastle on Tuesday. Today it's sunny/variable/cold again.

I haven't forgotten that I was telling you about my adventures in banking. Normal service (!) will be resumed shortly.

Valete for now, Hadriana xx xx

PS: Hope you are all well. I need to come and check on how you've all been. . .

PPS: Have recently upgraded to Windows7 and having mixed feelings about it. Anybody got any feedback on that one? Be glad to hear your thoughts.

PPPS: Please do support the guys and gals who are doing the Hadrian's Wall Walk in July over at The Joseph Salmon Trust...gosh...they are almost here already........! You can also read about it here at Dan's blog and Jo's blog as well. I've also noticed that Jo is doing a v.g. Hadrian's Wall Grand Raffle click here. Fortnum and Mason hampers and goodness what else. She's getting into the spirit. It's what we normally eat up here you see. (The food not the baskets silly.)