Thursday, 9 June 2011

Photographing Hadrian's Wall - my own experience

Looking back at English Heritage Buildings (including education room)

Looking out at the long walk up to Housesteads

Wooden stairs (modern) within fort showing how steep it is/was inside the fort

Looking out over vicus - civilian village beside fort

Famous bath house at Housesteads fort

One of the drains at Housesteads beside bath house

Drains and water tank (look at how eroded the top of the tank stones are - soldiers: washing, cleaning & sharpening knives)

Peaking through a pipe outlet on water tank

Ditto - as above

Inside the water tank

Chamfron (rounded) edge of fort

(as above)

Other side of bath house

Julie of HWH Ltd taking a photo of the workshop attendees (i.e.: us)!
The one day workshop yesterday at Housesteads Roman fort formed part of  Hadrian Wall Heritage's "Know your Hadrian's Wall Country" (click on the link to take you to their Facebook page) and was a follow-up to one which was held in February but we were rained off...

It wasn't the most brilliant of days yesterday but we managed to grab some shots in between showers.

Roger (who is a well known Hadrian's Wall Photographer) had given us some tips and advice as to how to take some better photos. So we were told about "thirds, leading lines, framing" and so on. I've been on a photography course before but unless I am out there taking photos every day it is easy to forget even the basics. Luckily Roger liked my photos and gave me some ideas to make them even better...

I like taking photographs and know that I still need to know a lot more e.g. under/over exposure in certain conditions, what type of lens to use etc. etc. I'd love to do more courses some time in the future.

Roger Clegg is known for his moody atmospheric shots of the Wall. His distinctive photos were used for the Hadrian exhibition at the British Museum in 2008. Click here for his website.
David Taylor whose photo of the Wall at Walltown I use on this blog's header photo - is very generous with his advice, enthusiasm and time. Click here to see his work. Other excellent local active photographers are:
Joan Thirlaway
Sandra Myers
David Prakel
Graeme Peacock

Joan lives in nearby Gilsland. She is usually out every day taking photos and Twitters actively. Sandra's photos of local wildlife and scenery are amazing. David Prakel lives in Haltwhistle and I've been on one of his super photography courses. He's written extensively about the subject and offers courses from his base in Haltwhistle. Graeme, I know less well, but again a great photographer...Check them out! Of course there are many more...but these ones are my favourites.

I won't say too much here about Housesteads will be a subject of another blog post. People ask..."Why go to one Roman fort when they were all built the same way?"...Well, each one is different and unique. The Roman builders had to work with what they had were forced to modify and adapt forts to try and fit the current plan/layout of a fort. So...try and go and see them all! Housesteads is very famous for its bath also has a hospital and there are some splendiferous views from it because it is so high. It sits right on the line of the Wall....

Which photos have you taken...of which you have been particularly proud? Of  what? Where? How? Why? Please tell me more...

Bye for now! Valete! Hadriana :)

P.S.: Roger Clegg and other local photographers have an exhibition currently showing at The Biscuit Factory.