Tuesday 3 June 2008

Where has all the time gone?

Aaaaagghh! Only two and a bit weeks to go before we leave for Italy. We are driving over (via the ferry to Holland from North Shields) and seeing friends in Germany along the way. That's going to be interesting as my German is eine kleine non-existent. Wunderbar.

Bills to pay. Presents to wrap. Birthday cards to send out. Clothes to pack (along with the kitchen sink). Letters to send (that have been festering in my in-tray for months) - largely regarding things that have gone kaput. I do a big line in KAPUT "BROKEN"!!**!! (more of which anon). I'm supposed to have done the accounts for last year for our business by now....oh dearie me...what can the matter be? Answer: No time. There is absolutely, my darlings, not enough time.

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