Friday, 20 February 2009

The Latest Post...

1.Did I do the websites? Did I heck! But being away from the computer allowed my husband to get somewhere near it so we are a little bit nearer to achieving our goal(s)...
2. We are moving out of this house (the children and my good self) back to our little house in the next town very soon.
3. We are taking bookings in this house, the Bed and Breakfast, from March 17th onwards. (The house is already booked up one weekend in April. Yippee!) Not bad for minimal advertising.
4. We have three weeks to do a lot: Get the other house ready - fix the heating; purchase a new shower and washing machine. Move some furniture, belongings plus the toys. Get a new broadband connection (for me!) and so on and on.
5. Get the B&B sorted out. Put the bedrooms back to normal. Put the kitchen to rights once more. Make the garden look presentable. Maybe put a lick of paint on the house.
6. Mum-in-law's funeral is next week and I will go down for the day. Hubbie will be down there a week from today. His father is much better now and is coming out of the convalescent home to be back home, HOME. (Hurrah! He's really pleased after spending the last two months in hospital.)
7. There is more (but I cannot reveal those plans until I know more). I am in suspense. I need to know more just for me! I'm not the patient type.
8. So it looks as if we will have to put our skates on....
9. Some BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) important instructors were out at our dive centre last week in Hurghada, Red Sea, and loved it. They are going to send more business our way.
10. Must go now to try to chip away at the mountain of things "to do" I will be over to your blogs in the coming days. After all...I have the computer to myself for a whole week!

(I hate it when hubbie is away but needs must and all that. The day of his leaving makes me feel all churned up inside. I calm down when he is gone. If that makes any sense at all? But yes, we all miss him. Master H will miss him especially. "Dad do! Dad do!" He cries dictatorially and I am summarily dismissed.)