Wednesday 20 January 2010

Send a Smile from Hadrian's Wall

Children at nearby Greenhead and Herdley Bank Schools were invited by The Blue Peter Team to become involved with their Send a Smile! Appeal, which is devoted to helping children born with cleft lips and palates. (Click on the highlighted words as it takes you to the Blue Peter appeal website and a video.) Operation Smile sends teams of volunteer medical professionals to provide free reconstructive surgery.

The children designed their own T-shirts and transformed them into medical gowns. They then appeared on Blue Peter last 5th November 2009. They got dressed up in their T-shirts and draped their "Send a Smile" banners up at Walltown Crags across Hadrian's Wall.

They enjoyed taking part and helped to raise some money/equipment for a great cause. They got a lot of fun out of the whole day. They especially got a buzz out of watching the programme to see who appeared and/or got a mention. They really liked the idea that they were helping children across the world and could see the physical things that they had made actually making a difference. A local journalist, David Coulter, has written it up here.

They were very chuffed that they got a Blue Peter Badge for their efforts as well.

Mr. Hadriana couldn't wait to try one on as he had been desperate to get a Blue Peter Badge as a child. They do say that..."all good things come to he who waits".. Don't they? ;)

Have you earned any precious Blue Peter Badges and if so...what for?


Maggie May said...

Blue Peter has a lot going for it and does some really good things.
Although I still like watching the programme when I can....... I never got a badge!!!!

Nuts in May

French Fancy... said...

No, I never got a badge either. I did used to watch it though - along with my mum. Halycon days, eh?

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

Blue Peter does a great job of making children aware of the difficulties others have to deal with. Well done to your children for getting their badges. I alway used to watch the programme with my children (who now have children of their own) but hardly ever now.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. I have to admit that I watch Blue Peter rarely these days and yes...halycon days, FF. Indeed.