Monday 31 January 2011

Egypt - Keefak?

Egypt - Keefak? How are you?

I'll write a post later about Egypt.

In the meantime: We are sending you our best wishes and very much hoping all our friends and their families are all OK. Egypt is such a friendly place. Our thoughts, hearts, hugs go to you. May all of this be settled peacefully and happily!

Quick Arabic lesson:

Keef haluk? -How are you?

Sometimes shortened to Keefak

To which the reply is:

Al hamdu lillah (bi khair) - praise be to Allah (well)

This should be the usual reply.

You could use:

Ana bikhayr, shukran - I am fine, thank you

Weyn inta - Literally, where are you?, but probably equivalent to Long time no see

Occasionally you will hear:

Shu-ukhbaarak -what's your news? - which you would reply to in the normal way

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