Friday, 4 November 2011

Eats shoots & leaves - eheu! Alas! The New Blogger Interface

Well folks....salvete! Hello!

Sorry about the latest hiatus (delay/pause) in my blog posts. I promise and then I don't deliver. (Flippin' horrendous!) I don't like doing that but sometimes Life gets in the way.

I'm in the process of transferring stuff from one house to another (the Guest House). When it's all completed I'm hoping normal service will be resumed...

In the meantime....

Having played around with the new Blogger Interface and its different layouts...I have kept (perhaps a tad boringly) my 'old' look. Hey! I'm nothing if not keen on all things historical!!!!

'Blogger' has already riled me because its grammar is suspicious to say the very least. Within minutes of me clicking on the new design element/interface I noticed that they, the designers, have written the following:

Hadriana's Treasures's blogs

Spot the deliberate (or not so deliberate) mistake?

Answers on the back of a postcard please (or a writing tablet for that matter).....

I think I am turning into Lynne Truss and on that note..I do declare that Blogger eats shoots & leaves (me cold) too!

What do you think, O Fellow Bloggers, of the new Blogger Interface?

PS: I am incredibly sorry but I cannot display ' My followers' on my blog as the Gadget simply will not work - in any shape or form. I'll keep trying occasionally to see if it will work....! :-)