Tuesday 9 December 2008

The spirit is willing but the blog is weak

Dear Debs,
Thank you extremely muchly for this award.
I will try to pass it on as soon as I am able.
Truth to tell...my blogging urge is a little faint a ce moment...purely because the other half is in Egypt on business all this week and half of next. The children are keeping me awake all night; have developed RSI* from writing out masses of Christmas cards; have presents to buy; have presents to wrap up; concerts and plays to attend; house to clean and tidy; floors to vacuum; walls to de-mildew; mountains (Eiger fulls) of washing and ironing to do; children to de-hype and de-yogurt...in short nothing that anybody else is not facing right now....
So I will keep this very attractive and chic award in my head as a little beacon of hope and will award it properly in due course.
I wanted to award it to all my blogging chums but perhaps that is a little lazy of me. So will wonder, mull, ponder, chew and select.....
Yours festively,
Hadriana x x
*Repetitive Strain Injury or Really Serious (lack) of decent (and publishable) blogging Ideas....
P.S. Dear French Fancy, you mentioned a good idea to me..the other week...but I do so want to do it justice so....it shall have to await a while. I think I need to recharge my blogging batteries!


Troy said...

I keep telling Mrs Troy that "a woman's work is never done" but it doesn't seem to make her work harder. Perhaps I should try some reverse psychology instead - when I've worked it out!
I would leave the mountain of ironing until husband returns and then only do it if he hasn't got a suntan.

Sandi McBride said...

Congratulations on your award and try to cheer up! He'll be home, soon...keeping you and the family in my prayers!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Dear Troy and Sandi, thanks for your uplifting comments. I had a brilliant night's sleep last night and feel like a different person! It's amazing what a few concentrated zzzs kind do for a person....I'm firing on all cylinders so the urge to blog is back!!!

larkswing said...

May another good night sleep come your way and congrats on your award!