Wednesday 10 March 2010

If you are planning to come to Hadrian's Wall this weekend...some tips...

Local photographer, Joan Thirlaway, has written some tips if you are planning to come to the illuminating of Hadrian's Wall on Saturday. (Plus some good photo tips too!) You can find them here if you click on this Heritage-Key link here.

My one strong recommendation is not to bring any dogs with you on Saturday night. It is lambing time and the farmers and landowners will not appreciate dogs around at this important time for them. As Joan says...please respect the countryside code of shutting gates behind you, not leaving any litter...and so on. The main thing is to be safe and enjoy warm, be seen and take a torch too.

And please note...there are THREE - THREE ONLY DESIGNATED CAR PARKS (I have heard that the Steel Rigg Car Park is reserved for the camera crews only.) along the central section of the Wall.

Tickets have already gone at the following designated car parks:
Brocolitia Temple of Mithras Car Park - The line of light will be ignited at Segedunum Roman Roman at 5.45pm and will reach Brocolitia soon after.
Located on the B6318, 3 miles West of Chollerford.

Housesteads Roman Fort Car Park – The line of light will reach Housesteads at approximately 6.20pm Located on the B6318, 10 miles west of Chollerford/4 miles from Bardon Mill. Please note, the fort lies uphill from the car park (a ten/fifteen minute walk on steep gradient).

Birdoswald Roman Fort Car Park – The line of light will reach Birdoswald shortly after 6.20pm. Located 4 miles west of Greenhead off the B6318. Please note Birdoswald Roman Fort will be closed to the public.

Vistors are being advised to wrap up warm, wear suitable shoes and bring a flask! (Preferably a non-alcoholic hot drink.)

Other events include The Illuminating Hadrian’s Wall Cycle Ride:

Haltwhistle Cycle Hub Project is organising a 17 mile guided cycle ride from Haltwhistle to Birdoswald Cheese Farm (Slack House) – a fantastic vantage point above Birdoswald Fort to view the Line of Light. This will be followed by a hearty, home cooked two course supper at the farm, and then a lift back to Haltwhistle by minibus with bike trailer.

The ride will be completely on-road, mainly along quiet roads, and will involve a couple of challenging climbs (can go slowly). Community transport charity, WATBus, is running the event and places are very limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

1330 Gather at meeting point: water tower next to Haltwhistle station
1400 Cycle ride departs Haltwhistle
1450 Tea stop at Gilsland
1610 Tea stop at Lanercost
1745 Arrive Birdoswald Cheese Farm, view the Line of Light followed by supper (vegetarian option available)
By 2100 Return to Haltwhistle

The cost of taking part will be £31 (£15 to cover the costs of the guided ride, driver and transport and £16 for the meal). Participants must pay for both components. This does not include refreshments at the tea stops. The £15 will be payable to WATbus on booking and the £16 for the meal will be payable in cash only on the day.

Participants should wear warm, waterproof clothing and tough shoes and bring a torch. Items may be left in the minibus during the ride.

Participants must confirm names and contact details including email to WATBus before Monday 8 March.
(You might still be able to get tickets.)
Costs payable to WATBus are £15 per person, payable in full by cheque/cash/BACs at time of booking. Cheques should be made payable to WATBus and received before Wednesday 10 March. Emergency contact details required for all participants.
Participants to pay for the cost of their own refreshments, including evening meal, which will be collected on the day of the event.

Participants are expected to arrange their own cycle insurance as WATBus cannot be held responsible for any injury or loss/damage of belongings. Only standard cycles permitted i.e. no tandems, tricycles or recumbents.No children under the age of 12 years old.

WATBus reserve the right to cancel if there are insufficient participants or if weather conditions are considered unsafe for cycling.To book email

and...Guided Walks to See the Line of Light

Haltwhistle Walking Group will be leading short guided walks from Haltwhistle town centre to great vantage points to view the Line of Light. The walks are free of charge and will leave from Haltwhislte at regular intervals between 1630 and 1730 returning by 2000.

Walking boots, warm and waterproof clothing and a torch are essential kit as the route will be mainly off road. Dogs are not permitted.

The walks are planned to coincide with the train arrivals and departures from Newcastle and Carlisle. Booking is essential. Full details and booking information on
Look at the website for further information.


the fly in the web said...

I wish I could be there....and that detailed information would be just what I would need, too.

Nothing worse than travelling miles to an event and then finding the parking a mess and the timings muddled.

I think mother found countryfile as she has been talking to me about her times in your neck of the woods.

Lynne said...

Sounds as though it's all coming together. Are you feeling excited by it all? Wish I could be there to see it. In fact my daughter and son almost live along the line of the wall, I wonder if they'll be able to see anything.

Nota Bene said...

Wish I could be there...real shame to miss it. ironically think I shall be in the area in just a couple of weeks....

French Fancy... said...

This is going to be such a fabulous weekend for all of you up there. Looking forward to full feedback and photos.

Enjoy and I really hope it stays dry for you.

the fly in the web said...

Award for you over at mine...don't worry about doing anything about it...

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi Fly, Good that your mum has found countryfile and thank you SO much for the award. I'll be popping over to yours after this weekend. If that is OK. I'm not going to be such a cumugeon and display all my awards with pride. Just give me time....!

Lynne, we are all excited by it. Hope your daughter and son will be able to see it. I'm at a prep event at Corbridge Rugby Club tomorrow and shall hear some more.

NB: If you are in the area you might catch me over at Vindolanda. I'll be starting my tours there. Not got my day allocated yet. Hopefully I'll not be falling over the lumps and bumps and going red in the face...!!! Come and have a cup of tea and we'll tell you where the best places are...

You are also more than welcome to come and stay. The choice is yours...Will your boy be coming too?

FF: Thank you for your encouragement. I think the weather will hold and it should be fab!!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

I meant to spellcheck that word: "curmudgeon". Good old Thesaurus...handy when my spelling goes caput at 9.45pm!!! :)

I won't be able to reply to anyone for the next few days...

Have a wonderful Mother's Day everyone!

the fly in the web said...

Mothers Day! You've saved my's different in France and I hadn't twigged....
Frantically recalling websites with express posting...

Expat mum said...

Brilliant. I mentioned this to family and they were a bit vague. I will send them the link and they can go to Wallsend. How fab. My birthplace.
We are over in August but only in the NE because we only have two weeks. We did Vindolanda and Chesters two years ago which they loved. I would really like them to walk the wall so will have to talk to you nearer the time about "things".

Hadriana's Treasures said...

NB: It is GREAT that you are coming. I do hope you will pop in to see us...sorry I sounded a bit lacklustre at your hint that you might be coming. I was very tired when I wrote my reply last night!

Fly: Oh Good! Express posting is a godsend....

Expatmum: Yes...definitely..t'would be lovely to have a chat...more than happy to help. Be nice to to have an excuse to meet up to have a tea or a coffee or something stronger...Hope your folks enjoy tomorrow night...should be fun!