Friday 12 March 2010

Stop press! New info re: of Hadrian's Wall

Salvete! (Greetings all!)

I'm back sooner than I expected...and can post this photo of what a burner/torch looks like close up. These burners have been designed specifically for this event.

There were about 50/60 of us at Corbridge Rugby Club today and we got the FINAL details of what will be happening tomorrow night......

The Military Road is not closed. There are no road closures!Pre-booked car parking sites will be at: Broccolitia, Housesteads, Steel Rigg and Birdoswald.There is now car parking available to the public on first come first served basis: at Walltown Quarry and Cawfields (both in Northumberland National Park).

The event, today, was primarily for cell team leaders. (The cell leaders have come from all over the country and have a background in event management/rock concerts/putting together big events.) A cell comprises two miles of Hadrian's wall. We learned how to put together a burner, how to light it and how to dismantle it.

We all (or nearly all) learned how to set off a marine flare and it was exciting! Plus how to dispose of it correctly.

There will be plenty of illuminators (who have come from all over the world) and volunteers per cell. I've volunteered to be a volunteer (sotospeak) and I'll be patrolling one third of a two mile stretch.

We have assembly points and then go to our allotted cell by bus. We all have to be in place by 3pm. I can now reveal the lighting up times and switch off time at the 42 cells along the length of the 84 mile trail:

Segedunum (Wallsend) 17.45
Segedunum West 17.45
Elswick 17.45
Blaydon 17.45
Keelmans 17.45
Heddon 17.45
Houghton West 17.45
West Harlow Hill 17.50
Halton 17.50
Chollerford 17.55
Walwick 18.00
Broccolitia 18.00
Housesteads East 18.05
Housesteads 18.05
Steel Rigg 18.10
Steel Rigg 18.15
Haltwhistle 18.20
Walltown 18.20
Greenhead 18.20
Gilsland 18.25
Chapelburn 18.25
Banks 18.25
Lanercost 18.30
Walton 18.35
Newtown 18.35
Bleatarn 18.35
Linstock 18.35
Carlisle Central 18.40
Carlisle West 18.40
Grinsdale 18.40
Beaumont 18.40
Bousetead Hill 18.40
Bousetead Hill 18.45
Drumburgh 18.45
Bowness on Solway 18.45

Switch off Time: 19.10

There will be a yellow helicopter going east to west along the Wall to film it. With a a bit of luck I might get to light a flare. There will also be ceremonial candles lit as well as the burners and flares.

Just remember:

Sunset is 18.10
Civil Twilight is 18.47
Nautical Twilight is 19.30 (effectively night)!

I don't feel that I am conveying the sense of excitement which is building about the whole thing but there were plenty of happy faces today. Lots of laughing and joking (whilst taking the lighting etc. very seriously)...the weather is set to be fair. It should be FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Valete! (Farewell to all!) Hadriana


Rosaria Williams said...

How exciting!

Lynne said...

Wish I could be there. Have a great time, I'm sure you will.

the fly in the web said...

Great to be involved, isn't it?

larkswing said...

I hope, what I think is now today, is absolutely wonderful - Enjoy!!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

It is exciting Hadriana and you have conveyed it to me anyway. Hope the weather is kind. I shall be watching it on TV, so give a wave! Hope you all enjoy it. A x

Clippy Mat said...

Good Luck with everything. Hope it goes well, I'm sure it will. I will have to watch from afar, i.e. BBC News online tomorrow, but I think it's a great event and should look amazing from the air.
Valete to you too.

Tim Atkinson said...

Well, ceteris paribus, I suppose by now it's all over. I do hope they televised it; can't wait to see it after last week's 'CountryFile' taster. And - mutatis mutandis - we should be in your neck of the woods shortly... just planning a half-term break at the Western end of the wall.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Lakeviewer: It WAS terribly exciting. Ooh I'm so glad to have been part of it!

Lynne: I've just come in and I got my section just across from the B&B and it was BRILL! You can tell I'm still high from it. Yeah!

Fly: That's been the biggest thing to have been part of it. I'd have been extremely jealous if I hadn't been part of it.

Lailani: I got to light a flare when the heliocopter came by.....yippee!

SJA: The weather has been absolutely TOP NOTCH. Great, super, fantastic. Maxime! What more can I say...

Clippy: There's already been some coverage on it. I may try and download some stuff and things. (I'm on the B&B computer right now. I've still got my wellies on...)

The Dotterel: Great news that'll you'll be in this neck of the woods shortly. Am happy to help/advise on anything and if you want to come and have a cup of tea - all of you - it would be super to meet up!