Monday 26 July 2010

Back Up/Pack Up!!!!

"To a rising young screen poet this might have been a crushing blow but Pat was made of sterner stuff." (Quoted from "Pat Hobby's Preview by F. Scott Fitzgerald".) In my mind's eye I take out "Pat" and insert "Hade" (short for Hadriana). In other words - me! I think we all do that. Don't we?

"Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and bury them beneath the sea!.....Don't worry about the cavalry!" (Quoted from Eliza Doolittle's very hummable tune [video of which is above] which keeps running around my head, ta da, running around my head, running around my the delightful lilt of the song....)

"And Why? Pray?" I hear you all ask nicely and politely.

Due to some basic schoolboy errors (we each thought the other had backed up) we have lost two to three years worth of documents, data, work photos, personal photos  et cetera et cetera. Won't bore you with the teensy weensy details but my mantra or chorus has now become............

Back up your data in your old kit pen and bury them in every conceivable place! Every conceivable place, every conceivable place! Back up your data in your old kit pen and bury them in every conceivable place! Every conceivable place, every conceivable place! Don't tarry with the USB! Don't tarry with the USB! (To the tune of Pack Up!)

And so...."In the office assigned him Pat looked at the script of True to Two Flags. The first scene showed General Fitzhugh Lee at the head of his cavalry receiving word that Petersburg had been evacuated. In the script Lee took the blow in the pantomime, but Pat was getting two-fifty a week - so casually and without effort, he wrote in one of his favourite lines:

Lee (to his officers)

Well, what are you standing here gawking for? DO something!*

6. Medium shot Officers pepping up, slapping each other on back, etc.

Dissolve to:

To what? Pat's mind dissolved once more into the glamorous past."

(An excerpt from The Pat Hobby Stories, A Patriotic Short, by F. Scott Fitzgerald.)
* i.e. Back up and remember to back up as often as you want/need!!!!!

Even the data retrieval company has written off our hard disk as the data has got (or gotten) overwritten. There may be a 0.00000000001% chance that we can send them another hard disk which had an "image" of our computer written to it. But even that might not work.

So farewell then to...............

...................past deleted blog posts (unless they turn up on the internet at some point); photos of (and these are the ones I can remember. I'm sure there must be more): Center Parc holidays, Christmas trees at Lanercost, trip to Chesters last Summer with the friends of Segedunum, Senhouse and Maryport, Chill on Sill photos, Christmas at Bocketts, Desert Island Drive Photos, Lanercost again and again, Great Chesters, children at Great Chesters, photos along the Wall, Willowford in the rain with children, Whitfield Steam engines, Birdoswald, Mr.H.'s parents with children, Askerton Castle photos, Whitley Castle, friends in Newbury photos, Vindolanda, Walltown, Thirlwall castle, Solway photos and Edward I statue photos, Penrith, Salkeld, children in Surrey, Whitstable, Granda's 90th celebration photos, medieval Newcastle wall photos, Jim and Marj - Wall show photos, face painting, K's paintbox artwork, Cawfields, Alnwick castle and Gardens, White House Farm (Morpeth), zoo photos, santa photos, Carlisle castle, Hutton in the Forest. Lots and lots of documents relating to work we were doing for the B&B website. (We are writing the War and Peace version of it!) Serves me right for not writing stuff up to the blog quicker. Ah well. Ah well. She sighed.

These are just a sample.

Farewell! Farewell! Farewell!

Maybe in thousands of years to come in the scrapheap, midden of life future archaeologists will find a way to read our corrupted, beaten up, mashed up,chewed up, overwritten hard disk and take pleasure in those much, much, much cherished words and images.

I do hope so.

And I would say to them:

"Enjoy!" "Gaudete!" "Euge!"

Post Script: We do have other words, documents, photos in other locations. So we haven't lost completely everything. This allows me to keep my sanity. One minor advantage of living in two houses is that we have e-mailed a great deal of stuff to each other. So bits and pieces are out there in the internet ether. We'll also e-mail friends to make a photo appeal as well. Luckily my parents have taken masses of photos of the children. This piece has been cathartic for me. I have been having a few nightmares about this lately. So many thanks for reading this. Please do take it to heart and act on it. Don't assume that computers are foolproof. That they most surely ain't! I know we cannot keep everything in life and we cannot take pixels to the grave but I would say....try and save it for future generations. Don't keep putting it off! Say a very firm, stern NO! to procrastination!!!!


the fly in the web said...

Your nightmare is the stuff of my nightmares....
We have lost stuff twice thanks to French so called IT technicians...and now I am putting everything possible into Dropbox, to which I was introduced by 'nodamnblog'....just one of her many kindnesses!

I do hope you can recuperate as much as possible.

Maggie May said...

That is a true nightmare.
Hope you get it all back........ but especially the important stuff.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

The bike shed said...

Not good. This won't be much comfort but it's pretty easy to buy one of those huge external hard drives and set it up to back up every day. On the Mac there is good programme called time machine that backs up every hour(!) - a bit over the top but useful. I also copy all the important stuff to one of those small hard drives - but not a pen drive because they easily get lost and someone might steal it.


Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi Fly, Maggie and Mark.

Thank you for all your very supportive comments and tips. It is with a very heavy heart that I write this morning.

Due to a series of mishaps...what we in the diving world call "the incident pit"...I think we have lost the lot!

I do not want to go into the whys and wherefores of what happened. I don't think I can because I am still in shock but I just don't want this to happen to anyone else.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE everyone back up your stuff. I'd heard of this happening to other people but I never thought it would happen to us. I even watched a Sex in the City episode (my secret vice - watching the whole series again and again) a few months ago in which it happened to good old Carrie Bradshaw. Won't happen to me, I thought.

I could utter some words here but they won't be good ones. Just about 90,000 expletives. I'm sure there must be some good Latin expletives out there. Must go and find them. I think I'll read some Catullus poems (the rude ones). Therapy in modern/classical times!

Expat mum said...

Oh pet - what a shame. I bet some of your blogs are out there if you do a search on your name.
We subscribe to a back up service (for about 30 quid a year) which backs up our three computers on a daily basis over the net, but we've been getting some very strange e-mails from them recently so I might just go and make sure that everything's OK.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Yep, expatmum...please do that!

I think some good will come out of this. We will learn about how to do things properly. I'll put the word out to friends and family. We can see if we can get some more photos that way.

I'm kicking myself over it. We were also let down by a third party but never mind. It'll have to be water under the bridge now.

We are fine. The business is fine. The children are fine. Family and friends are fine. I shouldn't really ask for more.

Bought myself two new CDs - Goldfrapp and Massive Attack plus a pair of Blundstone Boots as my current ones are a bit ropey. All is right with the world. ;)