Monday 27 December 2010

Something to blow away the cobwebs!

I think this is going to work.

I heard this on the radio this morning. It instantly brought back memories of rifling through my parents' vinyl LPs and I discovered this. It is amazing that they had it as they are not big "pop" music fans. They are more into Jazz and Opera.

I still think it's one of the best tracks around and it still does it for me! It makes me want to go out and conquer the world...

I'm waking up in the small hours at the moment pondering on our plans for 2011. When I hear this...I KNOW we can do it!

Happy post Boxing day!

Any tracks that do it for you????


The bike shed said...

I just bought an old Nancy Wilson jazz album that I first owned thirty years ago (odd, I know but I like jazz then too) - eh amazing thing is that I remember all the words.

the fly in the web said...

The one song that gets me moving is 'Engand arise, the long long night is over..' which reminds me of how much struggle and pain brought about the 'rights' I enjoyed and pushes me into not quietly acquiescing as those 'rights' are eroded.
Can't find it on Youtube, funnily enough....

Sage said...

I think with me it depends on what time of year... this time of year I love jerusalem but in Summar it's don't let the sun go down on me... love the who though :-). Happy New Year to you and yours

Tim Atkinson said...

Well, this for a start... although I came to The Who rather late after a despising them rather as a youth. Still, taste matures like a majestic Stilton, eh?

As for the rest... how much space have you got? Elgar's violin concerto always does it, whatever it is and Genesis 'Then There were Three' floats a different kind of boat. Oh, the list is endless!

French Fancy... said...

I always find that 'Nimrod', Elgar's masterpiece does it for me - but then I also love The Who doing Baba O'Riley.


Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hi Mark,

Shame on me - I've not heard about Nancy Wilson but I will check her out. I like jazz too (most of it)! :)

Fly - That song sounds good...are you singing it now with the Ashes result? I am SO over the moon about the result. Fantastic isn't the word. I think we need to make one up!!!!! Ashestastic?! How about that? :)

Sage - I think we can sing "Jerusalem" as well can't we? In light of what has happened Down Under! Happy New Year to you and yours! :)

The Dotterel - Thank you for those. I always like to hear recommendations so that I can go away and explore them. I love music too so am willing to give most things a go! Magic Ashes result. I am dancing all over the place! :)

French Fancy - Must check out those too. Lovely to see you here and I will pop over soon. I've decided that this is going to be my "even keel" year. No drama (well - not as much as usual)...just quietly getting on with stuff. :)