Tuesday 20 November 2012

A saunter along the Stanegate in Summer

I hope the pictures say it all as I haven't got time to tell you all about it. Another time perhaps. The Romans built a road which is now known by its medieval name, Stanegate = Stone Road. It runs, so they say, from Corbridge to Carlisle.

Sadly I missed a conference this last weekend at http://www.arbeiasociety.org.uk/Arbeia, South Shields, organised by the Society where one of the speakers, John Poulter, was talking in depth about it. Luckily Tyne and Wear Museums and its associated Archaeological unit will be running community-led projects in 2013. One of its projects is to look at where the Stanegate may/may not have been.
Bits of the Stanegate are still in use. This bit (as above) runs through two villages near Hexham - Newbrough and Fourstones. We were there this summer on a crackingly hot day (I think that day was our Summer end of!!!) and went to a pub, The Red Lion Pub, for a very wonderful Sunday lunch.
It was very yummy.

(Thanks, Mark, author of 'Views from The Bike Shed' - using a different browser did vanquish the pesky firewall. Cheers for the tip!)


the fly in the web said...

Looks like you needed the Red Lion in that heat!

Maggie May said...

Like the way you used maps to tell your story!
The Romans did quite a lot our way too!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Hadriana's Treasures said...

We did indeed! Fly..it is very recommended....:-) xx xx

Thanks ever so much Maggie. Must pop over to yours to say hello. I've been wondering about you. Extremely grateful that you've left a comment here.

I've been active blog-wise for a variety of reasons. Be in touch soon. Hugs. Hadriana xx xx