Thursday 3 March 2016

A day out at the Northumbrian seaside and an update!!!

Amongst many other projects I am working on (all of which will be revealed...later this year) I have signed on to become an Ambassador for Northumberland

The first course date was 1st March 2016 and leading us out into the fields, lands, seaside and tea shops of South East Northumberland was the very wonderful and marvellous Blue Badge Guide, Laura Rhodes. Sarah Davidson of Active Northumberland was also there. Both ladies had organised the Ambassador for Northumberland Course which has run for several years now.

It was a lovely mild (nearly) spring day and we would be visiting: Newbiggin Maritime Museum, Woodhorn Museum, Northumberland Cheese Company, National Trust Seaton Delaval Hall, Blyth Battery
So it was quite a day and we packed a lot into eight hours!

Here are some photos of the day:
Newbiggin Maritime Centre (some fishy Northumbrian tales)...Sheila told us the stories about the centre and the area...

National Trust Seaton Delaval Hall Terry the guide was there to show us around these marvellous buildings and rooms. Terry told us all about the Delaval and Astley families who knew how to party in style!

Woodhorn Museum (Mining and the fabulous Pitmen Painters). Deborah Tate, local girl, whose family, going back generations worked at the pit...explained the Museum and its exhibitions to us...even the Pitmatic language. A special language used by the miners.

The Northumberland Cheese Company (lunch)...Craig explained the cheese making process to us (including the fact that they are using the original 30 year old brine). Yum Yum! Marvellous cheeses: we tried the nettle cheese, the old smoked cheese, the Reiver cheese and the Coquetdale cheese...very tasty they were too.

Blyth Battery
Colin told us all about life in World War I & II at Blyth Battery and did a splendid job. The whole team looked after us very well and rounded off the day with hot mugs of tea!

So we started off at the seaside (Newbiggin-on-Sea) and finished our day (Blyth) at the seaside. All in all - a terrific day!


Expat mum said...

Oh homesick, homesick. But wait - Cheese Factory? How did I miss that? Definitely on the list for the summer.

ADDY said...

Wondered where you'd got to. How exciting to be an Ambassador. You are describing places well known to me - my late husband's family all come from there.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Many thanks expatmum and ADDY...Yes...I am still here with exciting plans for 2016... For all of us and the B&B!!!!
Really pleased to become an 'Ambassador' - some lovely places to visit and see. The people are fun and amusing too.
Watch this space! Love C/H xx xx

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