Thursday 2 December 2010

Kielder Winter Wonderland last Saturday - A Tad Snowy!

An Elf in her Workshop

Snowman (triangular shaped) in our back garden

In the Elves' Workshop - very Christmassy!

Two of Santa's helpers making wooden reindeers

Magical Mushrooms in Kielder Forest

The Beaver's Clock Tower overlooking Kielder Reservoir

The Beaver in her regalia

Santa in his cottage

Hadriana and Family on the Carousel

The Hatter playing the violin and the Hare

The Hare, the Hatter and Mrs. Christmas

Warp & Weft with the Emperor and his new clothes

1898 Carousel at Kielder

Christmas Lights at Kielder

A Snow Angel

Walking the dog a few days ago

Feeling very cold and snowy

Our Garden this a.m.

Our Garden this morning

Can you spot the snowman?

Snow Angels and Snowman

Santa having a quick kip

View of a neighbour's house - snow laden

My favourite hay Artic Rolls

View of Longbyre down to Thirlwall Castle & Back Ditch of Hadrian's Wall (Ridge in far distance)

T'was pretty difficult getting up to Kielder last Saturday. We set off around 8.45am we didn't know whether we would get there. We rang up the day before and had been assured that Kielder would stay open during the snow. Then it really came down during the night! We tried the Acomb road but as soon as we left the A69 it was blocked. A car or something had got stuck. We turned around and got back on the A69. We then got onto the A68 at Corbridge...the road conditions got steadily worse. I was so grateful my husband, Nigel, was driving (our 2x2) as I could have not done it. 
Quite often the car started to slide down hills and we knew our brakes would not work. We saw one or two cars in slight difficulties. We also had to be there by 11.10am at the latest as we were booked into the different activities and we had been warned that they would not wait for us!

 We made it - just!!! It was a fabulous day. It truly was a "Winter Wonderland". I was amazed by the actors as they must have been frozen - out acting in the open air - most of the time! Apart from the photos I've shown here there was a variety of activities: snow tubing, skating, arts and crafts, the snowy owl and his friends. We managed to do most of these and set off again in darkness for the journey back. 
It had taken us two hours to get there and we'd been advised that certain roads would be open on our return. We got as far as the Military Road and I said "'ll be fine!" Of course it wasn't and I don't think I've ever been so convinced we would slide off and end up in a ditch in the pitch black. We were very, very lucky and came to no harm but it felt wild, rugged and far from civilisation most of the time. Things and places would loom up out of nowhere and we would just about be able to measure where we were by the building e.g. Beggar's Bog or Housesteads or Milecastle Inn. Once we got to Milecastle Inn there was less snow on the road (for some reason) and so we almost felt home and dry. Glenwhelt Bank (the Military Road/Bank going down to Greenhead) was the last hurdle. It is extremely steep and there is a stream which runs across it continually. Luckily we encountered no black ice!
No wonder they cancelled Kielder Winter Wonderland the very next day and this weekend!! Stay warm and safe - everyone :)

(P.S.: I'll be back on track with my usual posts once the children get back to school. At least I'm hoping they will...)


the fly in the web said...

It looks wonderful...but i could almost feel the cold through the computer screen!

The bike shed said...

I so miss it - and I so don't! I wonder if Keilder youth hostel is still there?

BTW - thanks for your recent emails, much appreciated.

ADDY said...

Great pictures. Christmas is a-coming.

Sarah Cuthbertson said...

Thank you for the photos. How magical - just how Christmas ought to be! I'm sure your little ones will never forget it. Nor your intrepid journey to get there and back.

Dumdad said...

Fab fotos (love the triangular snowman!)

You're a brave lot oop north - I'd never have ventured out in the first place!

Hadriana's Treasures said... is flippin' cold! I'm living in my cashmere socks.

Mark..must check if it is. No probs about recent e-mails. Always happy to help!

ADDY: Thank you. It surely is.

Sarah: Even if they do forget it - we won't. It's funny (sort of) that the same sort of thing happened when we were the last ones on the Santa Alston train which finished early because of the snow.

It's definitely real Reiver weather - that's for sure!! :)

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Last ones on the Santa Alston train last Christmas. I blogged about it.

Was up until 2 am last night writing out Christmas cards and then up again at 7 with cold-filled little boy. He sleeps with me so was kicked around a bit. Gosh...I'm tired!!!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Nigel says it's very Wintry out there. Sub zero temperatures....will not venture out...

....feeding birds as they are desperate for food...seeing lots of different varieties come in and feed..ones we don't normally see close up.....

Right. will go and do some jobs. Toodlepip! Hxx

Exmoorjane said...

Wow! That looks just incredible... Wish we could have seen it.
The carousel in the dark pic is just amazing.

larkswing said...

Magical!! I want to go there - even if it might mean being snowed it! Love it!

Unknown said...

So glad you got there (and back!), the snow was pretty bad here on the coast so must have been much worse over in the wilderness!
Much of Kielder looks the same as it was a few years ago when we took Alexander although there was no carousel then. Was there an ice rink? We had a great time too.
Love Santa having a nap in your greenhouse!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hello nipped in there somehow! Yes: we drink Irnbru all the time and feast on spinach! ;)

Hello Jane - the carousel was magical. In fact the whole place was magical. I am SO happy we managed to get up there. It will stay in our memories for quite some time. Those actors were massively professional. The hatter was even in the tree house (in sub zero temperatures) waiting to pop out at the right time. I honestly don't know how she did it!!!!

Hi Lailani - lovely to see you here again. I don't forget my bloggers even if I don't visit them as much as I should :)

If you ever get the chance it is well worth it. It surpassed my expectations. I think we were very lucky though. It is usually a lot busier than when we were there. We had a grandstand view. I'm tempted not to go back there again as I'm not sure it will be able to match up to the wonderful day we had there.

Hi IO,

We didn't manage to get onto the ice rink or see the owl or his friends. I'm amazed we did what we did. Maybe we will go back - just to make the comparison! Glad you had a good time there. Very happy that you are all OK on the coast. Santa is having a nice lie down in readiness for all the hard work he has to do shortly. :)

We're off out this morning. Stir crazy does not do this restless feeling enough justice!

Maggie May said...

Looked like a real magical place to go.
Loved the photos.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Wonderful, no other words needed.

Lakeland Jo said...

GREAT pictures. Loved them. Love the elves workshop X

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Thank you muchly, Maggie, Ken and Lakeland Jo. Again mega apologies for not replying to you sooner but I am finally reaching the bottom of our office. Once I get the two lots of filing systems sorted and then the "piles" of newspaper articles, recipes, local brochures and so on....I'll have conquered it. At last after 4 years of starting up the business! Hurrah! Euge!

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Mark - there is a YHA there in Kielder village. Great name - "Butteryhaugh"

Carolyn Trafford Art said...

Looks like you had a fab time, I love the snow when I'm not in work and can actually get to play in it.

Sorry I've not popped by lately things have been a bit hectic and am sure you're read my blog. Getting stuff sorted now.

Hadriana's Treasures said...

Hello Snowdrop,

Thank you for leaving a comment. I must go and see your blog...what with all the preparations for Christmas et cetera - I've not had a chance to do much blogging.

Your name is incredibly relevant as it has started snowing here again today. Hopefully I'll have more time to pop over soon. :)